Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining this group! We've reached 1000 members, and want to start doing more for our cause. So head on over to our page and sign the petition we have up! Thanks so much, Beau.

Sign the Petition!

Hey everyone! Great work all around so far, our numbers have exploded from a humble few to a pretty solid 990! Now that we have the bulk, its time to do a little more for our furry friends up north. On our page, I've posted a link (which will also appear in…Read More

Please guys, Invite some more people

just invite everyone on your list, come on guys, its mad simple, and takes like 2 seconds.

fuckin' Seals!

Yo! I know its been a little bit, but if any of you have taken the time to check back at our little anti-sealing cause, you'll see that our numbers have doubled in the past week. This is REALLY encouraging, and I would like to ask once again, for everyone to…Read More

Recruiting Drive for teh seals

well we've been kind of lax I admit. I'd appreciate it if this Friday everyone invite everyone on their friends list, and I'll do the same Save the Seals!

Screw Sealers, Save the Seals

If everyone could invite the max people this friday, try to bolster our numbers and get this cause moving again, that would be awesome. Thanks, Jack Petricone Founder of the SSSS Cause

Recruiting Day

I started this group a couple months ago, and we go a good hundred members straight away, from school recruiting. But 209 people isn't going to stop a bunch of middle-aged fuckers from compensating for their tiny wee-wees by killing baby animals. Next Wedsday…Read More
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