Protest Media Coverage - Ed Block Courage Awards - Vick protest

Darlene Sanders Harris just posted a link to your cause, Stop Michael Vick from receiving the Ed Block Courage Award! ( This link is only one of the media outlets that covered our cause on March 9th. A…Read More

Press Release - Ed Block Award Protest for Michael Vick

Group to protest awarding Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award For Immediate Release: March 7, 2010 Contact: Darlene Sanders Harris [email protected] Baltimore, MD - Passing out purple animal abuse awareness ribbons to attendees, and waving signs…Read More

Ed Block Courage Award demonstration statement

Well, things are starting to heat up. The Baltimore Sun has published that there will be increased security inside to protect Vick. That has nothing to do with us - our event will be held outside. We are sending a peaceful but powerful message about stopping…Read More

Michael Vick protest at Ed Block dinner - 8 days away!

My caring friends, We are now approaching crunch time! I appeal to you all for your help now in varying degrees. First, of course, is to join us next Tuesday night, March 9th. Below is the link to our RSVP on…Read More

Donations for Protest

I am VERY new to this, and I appreciate your patience... I am starting to run into expenses for our protest, and until now I have covered these myself. However, I am now going to turn to the thousands of people that share my beliefs. This is for anyone…Read More

Michael Vick reality show sponsors - contact info to have them stop support!

Michael Vick Reality Show Sponsors ** E-Mail and Boycott ** (Updated 2/10/10)Share Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 10:58pm February 2, 2010 Dear Friends, Please e-mail the sponsors of the Michael Vick Reality Show and express your opposition to their financial…Read More

Attn: Philadelphia area fans

There is a a group being organized in Philadelphia to attended the protest of the Michael Vick award for courage from Ed Block. They are trying to get enough people together for a charter. If you live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, please contact…Read More
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