Our mission is to accelerate global access to diagnostics, clinical trials, treatment, and prevention for diseases associated with the retrovirus XMRV by creating a global advocacy network.

1. The XMRV retrovirus is transmissible by blood, and is likely in the blood supply. This potential contamination is a worldwide public-safety crisis.

2. XMRV is associated with debilitating and life-threatening, poorly-understood illnesses, including cancers and neuro-immune diseases.

3. Some patients have been ignored for decades. There is a critical global need for accelerated access to XMRV testing, clinical trials, and treatment.

4. We have strength in numbers. Vigorous global advocacy and sharing of best practices across diverse XMRV patient groups will drive accelerated change.

5. We share a common need. A powerful and unifying PR strategy must demand swift and decisive action from governments and research bodies.