Thank you.

Hello everyone,

I want to use this opportunity to congratulate all those who went out to vote today, the electoral process was reported to be peaceful and I look forward to seeing more of such in the future. And for those of us who could not go to our wards to cast our respective votes for a reason or the other, please do bear in mind that your vote will always count, therefore there is a need for a little sacrifice on the part of everyone.

As we earnestly look forward to the gubernatorial election, I want to encourage everyone to come out enmasse and cast your vote for Governor Fashola, he needs our support and votes, this is what we all clamour for, it is our duty as the electorate to vote in the man who has transformed the city of Lagos, I do believe this can be achieved with our collective effort.

As we expect election results, I will ask everyone irrespective of individual political alliance or belief to cheer up. I will leave you with this ZULU nugget, 'Victory or defeat is in the hand of gods, we mortals can only celebrate the struggle'.

Thank you.

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