Hello everyone,

We want to say a big thank you to you all for your support via this cause, we really do appreciate you joining us, thank you.

We will like to implore everyone of us to go to the voters registration centers and register to vote during the next 2011 election. We need to realise that it is our right to vote the individuals that have the capability to change our economy, those we feel will help uplift our local and national environment, those who shall create enabling environment for sustainable growth, those who have the cause of the nation at heart. Let us all endeavor to register now , this enables us to vote during the election.

We also need to realise that largescale rigging is only possible when you and I register and we dont go to the polling booths to vote, it gives the riggers the room to cast illegal votes with our unused cards.

We all need to exercise our rights, voting in a good leader is one of these rights., let us vote in Governor B.R. FASHOLA come april 2011.

Thank you.

Anthony Kwushue

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