Freedom & separation from religion

"What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof." - Christopher Hitchens

The Facebook organization for American Atheists aims to lead the way for those interested in learning more about Atheism. We are here to show the world that it is possible to be free from god, you do not need to choose a religion, and, through logic and reasoning, show that there is no god.

All proceeds donated to this cause go to the organization that keeps church and state separated. It is a good cause with a solid reputation. Please consider a donation of $5, and please invite two friends so our cause can grow.

Quote from a Christian:
"really well check this out bro the world only started 5000 yrs ago not millions and trillions and i dont care what evidence u have even scientist said that the bible is the most accurate source of info so u wrap that one around ure head try readin it . it will benifit u"

^^ Those are the exact kind of mindsets this group aims to prevent. We need to dispel such rumors that the earth is only 5,000 years old. Some people are raised in a 24/7 religious environment, and they don't even know that Atheism is an option. People need to consider both sides of the story and weigh the facts for themselves.

Many people give God credit for bringing them freedom, love, and happiness, but they fail to see that it is really their family, friends, and their own efforts that make those things real. You don't need God to be happy. God doesn't exist, and he doesn't give you anything. Let's all move on. :)

---For Your Enjoyment---

1. God Never Existed

2. Separation of Church & State

3. Blind Faith in anything is bad