Please keep Katie in your prayers

Katie's cancer has returned. She and her family have become dear friends. Her room will be featured as part of a story on The Ruby Slipper Project in an upcoming issue of Family Circle Magazine (Oct. issue on newstands in Sept.). Also, please keep my 6-yr-old…Read More

New project + Katie + Article in Family Circle

First, we're working to raise funds to be able to do a room for a teenager who was born with tumors on her spine and has endured many surgeries. Second, Katie LaPointe needs your prayers, because her cancer has returned. Finally, The Ruby Slipper Project and…Read More

The Ruby Slipper Project and founder Sheila Grubb

will be featured in the October issue of FAMILY CIRCLE magazine, which will be on newstands in September. Sheila and the team recently completed another project -- this one for a single mom living in the Walton Community homes. Next up: a room for a young…Read More

Final day to recruit new members to The Ruby Slipper Project

Today is the last day to meet our goal of !,000 members in order to get the $1,000 in matching donations to help families in crisis. Waiting for our help our 8 young men who have aged out of foster care and who are in a transitional home; a family who has…Read More

Do You Believe in Christmas Miracles?

I do. And that's what it will take for us to reach the magic number of 1,000 members by Dec. 18 -- just 3 days from now. Please invite your friends to join our cause, so that we'll get $1,000 in matching donations. That money goes directly to grant wishes for…Read More

Only 6 days left to reach our 1,000 member goal!

Please help us raise $1,000 in matching funds. If we reach 1,000 members by Dec. 18, we get those funds that we need to grant more interior design makeovers to families in crisis. Please invite your friends to join our cause. Since our makeover of Katie…Read More

Only 6 days left to reach our 1,000 member goal!

Please ask your friends to support The Ruby Slipper Project and help us grant design makeovers to some needy families and kids who have aged out of foster care. If we reach our goal, we raise $1,000 for the cause!
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