Complaint to Asturias newspaper: Shag taken by Great Cormorant

In the latest number of La Nueva España newspaper, Asturies, Spain, news on the recent culling of 183 Great Cormorants in the area are featured here: Regardless this is something not to be…Read More

Stop killing cormorants on 730 members. Help spreading the cause

The cause you joined, stop killing cormorants has reached 730 members in less than a month. It's not bad. But we need your help. Please forward this cause to your friends. It is not just 'another cause'. It may work. Local governments have been impacted…Read More

Cause over 360 members. Summary of cause's reasons online

The cause is now over 360 members and growing. A summary of the reasons that reccomend not to kill Cormorants are in technical reports elsewhere. A summary of some of those links and references to Redcafe and Intercafe projects have been gathered in this post…Read More
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