If you're going to this years Rebellion it'd be great to catch up with some of you.How we go about this,I haven't a clue,so if anyone's got any suggestions,then please SUGGEST AWAY! I'm thinking of some time when the Subs are due on(or after),something like…Read More


Hi Everyone,Not a great deal happening in Charlie land at the moment,but thanks once again for all your wonderful comments and support to this very just cause.Cheers,Andy.

Sir Charlie

Not a lot going on with the cause at the moment everyone,except to say I've done a piece about the cause in a mates proposed fanzine to be distributed FREE at the Rebellion Festival Blackpool later in the year. Once again I must thank everyone who has left…Read More

Charlie update etc

Hello everyone.As you may have noticed we're over the 1000 members mark.Over the 1100 mark in fact and we're not even a month old yet.I've really enjoyed reading through your comments/anecdotes. 99.9% are extremely positive indeed.It's good to see the huge…Read More

Our Sir Charlie!

Evening everyone.Just a quickie tonight to once again say thanks to everyone for keeping this thing going. We are just 6 members short of the magical 1000 mark. The Subs are in Canning Town at the new Bridgehouse tomorrow. Afraid I can't get to it myself so…Read More

Arise Sir Charlie

Ok once again just a quickie to wish all 833 members of OUR(not my) Cause to get Charlie knighted a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Maybe,just maybe if there's any justice in the music world we may get our wish in the new Years Honours list for 2011. Keep on…Read More

Arise Sir Charlie (an update).

Just a quick bulletin tonight to let you know that we're close of 750 members.In something like a week that's amazing considering we've had Xmas inbetween.Thanks to everyone that's joined and a huge thank you to the top recruiters.We will try our level best…Read More
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