November 2010 Vigil @ Fort Benning, GA

Hello Everyone, I know that I have not kept up with this cause page, but I still feel as if spreading the word about this horrible institution is very important! Therefore, I just wanted to put up a link for all of you who might be thinking about going to…Read More

600 Members!!!

Hey everyone, just thought that it was pretty cool that almost 600 people have joined this cause. It's great to know that people are being informed about the U.S. foreign policies that so desperately need to be improved upon. I hope everyone is well and…Read More

Keep Spreading the Word

I'm really excited to see that people are still joining the SOAW cause of shutting down the School of Americas! It's awesome to see that people are still informing others about this important cause. Thanks for the support and I hope you all are having a…Read More

The Cause has Exploded!

I just checked out the progress of the SOAW cause it I am shocked about the amount of people who have joined recently. I am super stoked about the amount of recruiting that people are doing!!! It's great that people are becoming aware of this issue so that…Read More

Important Stuff!

Hey folks, I know I haven't stayed on top of this cause thing very well, but I am glad to see that there are still people joining our important cause. The cause of informing and educating people throughout the world about the ridiculous violent actions that…Read More

November Vigil @ Fort Benning, GA

Hey there everyone!! I haven't been keeping up with this cause very lately because I have been pretty busy with other things, BUT I am planning on going back to Georgia this November and protesting with over 25,000 other people who want to speak out against…Read More

SOAW Close the School of Americas

Hey, just emailing everyone to remind them that this issue is still ongoing and the inspirational leader Father Roy Bourgeois is doing speaking engagements around the country and the world. I strongly suggest that you take a look at the link that I just…Read More
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