hey family, thanks for reading this message. i just read this from my mentor's post, "I just read on Pat Majar's page that the missionary family of Brent Teague in Niamey, Niger are in need of urgent prayer. Due to political unrest (gunfire in the streets),…Read More

we're a crew now!

woo hooo, thank you to everyone our cause is now officially called a crew. next level to hit is sqaud, but we need 240 more members to hit it. not impossible at all. if all of us could bring in one person, we'd pass it ;) keep up the great work family. thank…Read More

the video is ready

hey family, well i wanted to load the video up on here but FB kept deleting it. the good news though, youtube let me keep it on there. so, here's the link. please go check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFDi5xesMu0 much love & many…Read More

Wanted to express my gratitude and share a few changes with you

Well hello everyone, this is the 1st bulletin i'm posting for the cause of "help recruit 5,000..." so, i'll try to keep it short ;) lol I wanted to say thank you all for joining. A lot of you are my friends, but the majority are friends of friends and that…Read More
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