Here is were you can get E-mail address for Council members

Please E-mail county council and express your displeasure with the Lay-offs

It's been five months since our 30 deputies have been laid off.

We have waited for our Union and County council to get something done, but this has not happened. They are both more interested in their own agendas with helping big business and thinking that this will just go away! Some may have moved on and found new jobs,…Read More

Fund Raiser! Dog and Suds!

Will be held Feb. 12 from 6:00 pm to 10:00pm @ Queen Heaven church robert hall 1800 Steese rd in Green. I will have ticket along with some of the Deputies. They will be 10.00 all you can eat and drink. We also will have a AR15 rifle with Red dot sights that…Read More

Fund raiser for our 30 and ISS staff!

I am putting together a fund raiser for the 30 deputies and our ISS staff that were laidoff, I need doorprizes to raffle off! This will take place in a couple of weeks and it will be held on a friday evening. As soon as I get some details worked out I will…Read More

Support is growing!

We are at 756 members, I want to thank everyone and keep up the pressure and attend the rally next Monday in the courtyard on high st before the County Council meeting! I'll have shane post all the details tomorrow for you! Great Job and lets get our Brother…Read More

Phone call with Council President!

Well I wanted to let everyone that I talked to County Council President for about 40 min today. we covered a lot of issues. But from what I mostly got from the conversation is council requested County Exec to ask for certain concessions and he ignored that…Read More

Send this letter to Summit County Council!

Dear Council: I am disgusted by the recent news of deputies being laid off while there is a budget surplus of 25 million dollars. Its time that our government officials realize we can not cut our emergency services in these trying times. I demand, as a…Read More
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