The Quest for Justice Endures

Hello All Members: Please invite all your fb friends to join our Cause, Families of Unsolved Murders in Galveston. I will never give up on finding the COWARD that murdered my Brother, Reginald Wayne Joiner, *Bossman* To endure this is is really hard and your…Read More


As our cause has grown, so have the impact on just how many families are walking wounded. May we all find a small amount of solace in each other. Bless each and every one of you for joining, NOW LETS SPREAD the word,encouraging everyone to join our silent yet…Read More

November 7th, today is my brother, Reginald Joiner's birthday.

Today would have been a celebration for my Brother had he not been murdered. This cause was started because his murder remains unsolved. Today in his honor, could each member please try to recruit at least one person to join. Since the Republican sweep thru…Read More

Reginald Wayne Joiner Unsolved Murder

We would like to say thank you to everyone who recently joined our Cause, On behalf of The Joiner, Alvarado, and West families we ask you to please post this to your profile and invite your facebook friends UPDATE #1 Please join our cause, inviting your…Read More

Greetings All

this is an appeal to all members of our cause, Unsolved Murders in Galveston County, please invite all your fb friends to join and share personal stories. Thank you in advance

Greetings All

Hello Everyone, Just a reminder to everyone *****PLEASE CONTINUE RECRUITING!!! Thank you in advance The Joiner, Alvarado and West families

Lets continue to recruit

Hello Everyone, Let's continue inviting our fb friends to join our cause-thanks
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