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4 Guys In A Car - From Boston to Panama So There is 'No Child Without'

In February of 2011 a team of 4 guys will be leaving from Boston, Massachusetts, to drive all the way to Panama City, Panama. Our goal is not simply to have a good time (which we are sure we will), but to raise awareness and funding for the enormous number of children that go without each and every day. They go without adequate food, water, education, and a presentation of the Gospel. We are driving so that there will be “No Child Without.”

We are partnering with both Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC), and Speed the Light (STL). Why partner with these guys? Well, for starters these two rockin’ organizations that are making a huge difference in the lives of so many children and youth around the world already, so we thought they would be the perfect groups to come alongside. As most you know, BGMC for example provides educational materials for schools, drug awareness materials, water wells for villages, after school programs for needy children, shelters for homeless children….you get the idea. Most importantly, at least to us 4 guys who will be in the car, both these organizations provide opportunities for children to make a decision to follow Christ. All the monies we raise will go towards supporting these two amazing groups.

As an added bonus, at the end of our trip we will be giving the car we drove to Panama to a individual or organization that is serving the needs of children in Panama.

If you’re interested in partnering with our endeavor check out our site....

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