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A Mother's Message to her Angel

I always knew I would love you
I loved you before the universe brought you to me
They all dreamed of you, with your blonde hair and blue eyes
You came to me

I held you in my arms, I saw only perfection
Perfection is all that remains
You are flawless

As I look into your eyes I feel the butterflies in my stomach whirl
every time I hold you in my arms it feels like falling in love for the first time
You are glorious

Overcome with pride when I stand next to you
Filled with joy watching you climb your mountains
You inspire me to greatness
You are extraordinary

With all of your innocence you have changed me
You move mountains with your laugh
With a touch of your small hands you lift me up
You are powerful

You possess great determination and will
Un knowingly teaching us how to hold on
You urge us to keep going, move forward, and stay strong a little longer
You are invincible

Your greatness is unmatched
I will not label you as anything other than my angel
You do not fit into any box
There is no special category for you
You are unique

I will repeat this message to you everyday
I will stand tall in your presence
Hold you hand tight as we walk together on this journey
You will always know that you are my champion
You are brilliant

As the days go on my voice will ring loud and clear
You will never wonder, doubt, or question or who you are
Your brilliance shines bright
Your are miraculous

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