Gina (and Bella) Update -- April 15, 2010

Gina, the once starved German Shepherd, is doing very well!! Please see this touching video to see how Gina is now helping an abused and baited pittie recover from bite wounds AND from being thrown from a car!!! I find it very nice that one abused dog (Gina)…Read More

Gina Video Blog - Day 95 (03.19.10)

Gina Video Blog - Day 95 Some of you are new. FYI, I adopted a emaciated 32 pound GSD 95 days ago. See her link under my friends list. In short, she is now 70 plus pounds (over 100% gain!!), an absolute angel and doing VERY well. This is a video of her at the…Read More

Gina Blog Day 82 (03.06.10) - Play date with Breanna!

Gina Blog Day 82 (03.06.10). Yesterday I got to play with Breanna. She fed me corn puffs, took me for a walk, slept in MY dog bed and played with me for four hours! It was great fun. Joseph is nice, but I like Breanna too! She's coming over today to play…Read More

Gina Blog Day 75: 02.27.10

Gina Blog Day 75: 02.27.10 Gina here. All is well in the Catskills. We just got about three feet of snow, so my brother and sisters and I are having a blast! I’ve continued to gain weight and girth. Since Joseph is so anal and precise, some of it has rubbed…Read More

Gina Blog - Day 58

Gina Blog: Day 58. Hi fans. Gina here. It's been almost 2 months and I'm doing fine! I love the Catskill Mountains! Beats being tied to a pole in the snow at a construction site in Brooklyn! Ha! Today my human took me and my sister, Misty on a hike and we…Read More

Gina Blog - Day 47 - January 31, 2010

Gina Blog – Day 47 (Jan 31, 2010) Hi, Gina here. I just wanted to thank you all for your financial support which I just used! I’m finally plump enough to go to the vet and my human, Joseph brought me two days ago. I got spayed (I didn’t like this very much)…Read More

Gina Day 41 (Jan. 24) update

Gina Day 41. Gina is a new dog. She has become more self-confident and trusting. As a result, she is happy to FINALLY leave my side and venture into other rooms and do her own thing. I often find her in a guest bedroom or on one of the couches or where ever…Read More
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