You are a member of this group but haven't signed petitions yet, this is your chance to make a CHANGE.

Hi, You are all with the Gadhimai group but missing signatures. Please in order to make an impact pls sign but VERY IMPORTANT, PLS SHARE AMONGST YOUR FRIENDS. These are the actual Gadhimai petitions. Will update them weekly, also for new members of the…Read More


Hi, these are the current petitions for the Gadhimai protest in 2014 Please sign and share, will update them weekly, thanks Hilke 128…Read More

graphic warning, This doc had been made for the 5-year Gadhimai project,

Vahana Hilke Eitner just posted a video to your cause, GADHIMAI MASSACRE, SUPPORT US TO STOP THIS ( Just be careful watching this Thanks, Vahana Hilke Eitner Bom Sacrifice at Gadhimai - Please be aware -…Read More

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hi to all, monday next a page with all pledges/letters/petitions to sign and share. Have shaken the holiday blues, perky and bright eyed again, hugs, Hilke

A Happy New year to all of you

HAPPY NEW YEAR, From next monday onwards I wil keep you informed about the new 3 year campaign strategy against Gadhimai bloodshed. Til then be Happy. and careful, fireworks, a.s.o Love to all of you Hilke Namaste

Thanks to all of you for joining this cause, and wishing you a happy days.

To all of you lovely friends, Thanks for joining us. This is the time to be with friends and family. Hugs and love and Namaste, Hilke and family xxx

new link, just opened the Gadhima Group, I've just opened the Gadhimai group, I will keep causes going for fundraisers in the future. Pls Join that group too, the Post Gadhimai actions, and all…Read More
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