Thank you very much for joining the cause. We are now celebrating the 2nd Year Anniversary of our cause "SAVE THE PHILIPPINE EAGLE"! Please invite more friends to join the cause and share the beauty of the Philippine Eagle and let us always be reminded that…Read More

1000++ members

Congratulations everybody! We have already reached 1000++ members and still growing! Please invite more friends to support this cause. I will be visitng the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao, Philippines next month and update you what's happening to their…Read More

WELCOME 2009!!!

Congratulations! We survied again for another year! Let us start the new year by thingking "Mother Earth should be protected and saved" so that we can still have a good place to live for 2010 and the future! Let us continue to invite friends to join the…Read More


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members, followes and supporters of this cause and the amazing Philippine Eagle. It's been a year now since this cause was created and still the numbers of followers and members are growing. To the eagle…Read More

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May Your Christmas Be A Special Time Of Joy And Love!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!
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