The Decision

MEMO To: Faculty and Staff From: Patty Lynott Date: February 4, 2010 Subject: Moving Forward with SCED As many of you know, the School of Community Economic Development has been in decline for some time now. Issues around management of funds, annual failure…Read More

Response from the University?

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays have come and gone I would hope that we would begin to hear something from the University about the School of CED. At this point, it seems a done deal that the school will be disbanded, but there is still a…Read More

Substantive university response?

Hey all - Many of us have gotten a stock response from VP of Academic Affairs Patty Lynott ([email protected]), but that response has failed to answer two important questions: 1) Is it true that the University has already made up its mind to shut down SCED…Read More

University response

Following is the text of an email that both I and a current student got from Patty Lynott. It DOES NOT include an invitation to participate in the task force process: " While I certainly understand, and can truly appreciate the great sadness that current…Read More
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