Support OMNI Zona Franca group against injustice censorship and eviction from their space in CUBA

Support OMNI Zona Franca group which is an independent collective of artists, poets, writers, performers, activists and cuban citizen from Alamar City in Havana, Cuba. OMNI Zona Franca was created in 1997. They organize the festival "Poesia sin fin", they perform in the streets of Havana and work with their community. Omni Zonafranca infiltrates society to bring, as explained by poet and performer Eligio Pèrez, “new air to the heads of each individual, the brothers that we encounter on the bus, in the markets, whilst in the breadline”.

Last Friday December 11, 2009 the cuban police arrived to they working space in Casa de la Cultura in Alamar and forced them to abandon it.

following their message:

Messages dictated over the telephone:

Alamar, 12:30 pm.  December 11th, 2009

The OMNI-ZONA FRANCA workshop, site of the Festival Poetry without End, is surrounded by the political police “Brigades for Rapid Response” and ambulances, with the intention of ousting our group from its site. We are defending our right to stay at the institution since
institutions were created by the Revolution for the people. We are being falsely accused because we have the responsibility of establishing dialogue with all types of people, without fear of
affecting our integrity due to these relations.

There is no real dialogue with our project and this is becoming an international situation because we are a project supported not only by the Alamar community but also by the solidarity of many artists from Cuba and from other countries. We are excited but we continue to be convincingly at peace and in poetic balance with the world.

Alamar, 3:35 p.m.  December 11th, 2009

It is said that OMNI-ZONA FRANCA is a political group.

This has been stated to students at different university centers lately.

OMNI declares:   Our only politics is that of Poetry.
We favor dialogue, world peace and
Art is the language we speak.
Friendship is our power.
Inner peace is the source of our happiness.

We have decided to leave the historical site of the OMNI workshop,
which was defined by a great friend yesterday as a “spiritual sacrament”.
It is our decision and we are determined to continue with the FESTIVAL
in our houses, in peace and with the maximum happiness we have enjoyed
during the last 12 years.
For all our friends: We continue to exist in the same knowledge and in
deep peace.

As Anónimo Consejo says:

"Tomorrow will be a good day. The day will be good tomorrow.
Let’s sing together. Listen to me: Tomorrow will be a better day.

Next Friday we are having a dialogue with the Ministry of Culture’s
officials. .

1. art can change reality

2. poetry for all

3. freedom of speech