DoTWF leaving FB

We are laving Facebook, and so I want to let everyone know to join us over at our home page at It is important to us to keep up with you, and also to let you know what all is going on. We are beginning to grow, and so I…Read More

Disciples of the Word Fellowships Website

Until we are blessed with our very own website, we have one that we are building over on Multiply. The address is: You can keep up with everything that we are doing there, as well as listen to some great music. We are…Read More

J.A.I.L. - Join An Inmates Learning

Disciples of the Word Fellowships is working hard to get copies of Scripture into the hands of inmates. Our goal is to get as many inmates as we can in both the local, state, and federal level a copy of Scripture. We are not sending them for a group to have…Read More


2009 was a blessed year here at Disciples of the Word Fellowships, and we are praying that 2010 will be even better. We are praying and planning on doing missionary work and prayerfully, we will be able to move up to Canada this year to begin work there. We…Read More
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