Adoption Update from the Petersons

Allison and I have been tentatively approved to adopt three girls: Maria (11), Griselda (10), and Ashley (8). Maria & Griselda are going into the 5th grade, and Ashley is going into 3rd grade. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 13) we will be participating…Read More

We are the top choice to adopt 3 girls!!!!

Allison and I heard back from our adoption caseworker around 5:00 PM today...the CPS caseworker in Houston made us her top choice for adopting the three girls (ages 8, 10, 11)!!! Now we begin the process of getting full information about the girls to…Read More

Being considered for a sibling group of 3 girls

I just got off the phone with our adoption caseworker. Allison Peterson & I have made it to the "final 3" for a sibling group of 3 girls in Houston. She is participating in a conference call with the CPS caseworker in Houston at 3:00 PM (Central time)…Read More

We are being presented as potential adoptive parents for 9 year old twins on Tuesday!!!

I received a phone call from our caseworker at Buckner this morning. Allison Peterson & I are being presented on Tuesday (2/1) as potential adoptive parents of 9 year old twins. The CPS caseworker, who has narrowed it down to her "final four", will…Read More

Home Study Approved!!!!!

I received a wonderful birthday blessing this afternoon as we were informed that our home study has been formally approved!! We are now eligible to be matched with a sibling group in Texas foster care for adoption!!! Thus ends another step in our adoption…Read More

Home Study (parts 1 & 2) are complete!!!!

We had part 2 of our home study this afternoon. For those of you unfamiliar with a "home study", it's like an extended interview in your home where the interviewer asks seemingly every conceivable question about your life and thoughts on parenting, etc. In…Read More

Home Study (part 1) - Friday, August 6 at 3:30 pm

Our first home study for our adoption will take place in just over 14 hours. Presuming we aren't eliminated, our second home study will take place on Saturday, August 21 at 1:00 pm. From what we've heard from others who have gone down this path before, the…Read More
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