Good morning radio junkies :p! I am seeing more and more people joining this cause, which is great!!! Thank you all for your continued support to save a major contributor to this region's artistic and cultural "amplifier" so to speak. We still need your…Read More

We Need Your Help!!!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year/Decade! I would like to start off by thanking all those of you who have joined to help support this great cause to keep independent media a part of this community! The clock is ticking, and we still need a whole lot of money, I…Read More

Exciting Times!

Hey Folks, These are exiting times for SoundFM, we have already started moving to the upper floor of Maxwell's Music House, and as anything else of this caliber, it is in no way cheap. We basically need $13,000 by February 1st 2010, just to get us going!…Read More
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