To help riase awarness of what this camp and all the other camps associated with it do for children who have a termnal illness or is disabled.

I created this cause to riase awarness of how awesome Double H Ranch and all the Hole In The Wall Camps are. I want to also make it known that these camps run mostly on donations and the amount of donations has gone down to the point that for the summer sessions of 2009 the Double H Hole in the woods Ranch was unable to have their alumni session. What this camp does for these termnaly ill and or disabled children is unbelieveable! These camps make it possible for these children to be "normal" for a week the entire camp is adapted for us. So we can go horseback rideing camping outdoors, go on a high ropes course, go fishing and soo much more! Please help me riase awarness of what these camps do and riase the amount of donations they receive! So the camps can continue to run and these children have something to look forward to one week out of their summer.

1. http://www.doublehranch.org/

2. Lets get at least 500,00 members

3. Raise the amount of donations the camps recieve

4. Give parents and campers the ability to communicate with one another.

5. Help people understand who the camps are for, what the camps do,.