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Help grow the cause of SEDS-USA!

Hello everyone!

We on the board of SEDS-USA want to thank everyone who has supported us via the Facebook Causes application. Currently we have 108 members, but can we reach 200? Can we reach 1000? Let's try!

I invite you to invite your friends who are SEDS members, alumni, or just other students to join our cause and help us to build more members, chapters, and influence in the space industry.

Also, remember that SpaceVision 2010 will be held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on November 5-7 and plans to have a lot of great speakers and companies in attendance. Keep updated at .

There is also a new way to support SEDS by donating old and unused electronics at . They send you a box to mail the items in and will also recycle any electronics you send that no longer have value, so if you're getting an iPhone 4, donate your old one to SEDS!

Thanks again!
- SEDS Exec Board

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