Change the law these animals don't deserve a second chance at life and should die in prison.

“I call on all Australians, mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunties & any one who has a loved little child in their life to email or write to their local member of parliament & what ever news paper they can to call for Mandatory Life Sentencing for child killers.

Austin Allan Hughes, should spend his life in Goal. He does not deserve the right to walk free. We need to stand up & change the sentencing to Mandatory Life for heinous crimes like this. Not only has he viciously killed a six year old who begged for mercy, who said 'sorry' for what ? He wouldn't have known what he was saying sorry for, just desperate to stop the painful, frightening beating. Stop this disgraceful lenient sentencing. This mother & this animal boyfriend not only robbed one child of life while brutally humiliating & torturing him but condemned his siblings to a life full of anguish that they will never recover from.
They may not kill again but do they deserve freedom ?

Pick up a pen write a letter, write an email please stop this man getting his life back. Stop this wicked mother getting her life back.

We have another mother sentenced to 19 years for the vicious murder of her two year old son, will you be quiet & give her freedom back after the suffering inflicted on a helpless 2 year old baby, not only in his death but also through his short tortured life ! He too was heard to be saying 'sorry' mummy. She may not kill again but does she deserve the chance of freedom?

We can do this in numbers. Let your voice be heard. NOW. This will unfortuneatly happen again make the punishment fit the crime.

I have written to my local Member of Parliment, The Attorney Generals Dept, The Justice Dept of the Attorney General, the Department of Public Prosecutions & several letters to the Editor of a number of news papers calling for change in sentencing and urging people to do the same. This sentencing must fit the crime call for Mandatory Life Sentences for child killers.

1. We need to let our voices be heard to change the law.

2. Child torturers & killers deserve to have their freedom permanently taken away

3. Write to your local member calling for reform to sentencing write to your local paper calling for reform.

4. This little boy was tortured & beaten to death one of his tormentors & killer is being freed the other will be free next year !

5. He was just a little boy, sadly there are many more little children lost. Even sader this will happen again. Make sure the punishment fits the crime.