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Poster-Making Contest Launched - Taliptip & Bambang, Bulakan - Philippines

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Thank you for your online support to the Save Earth Save Lives International Crusade, by the Agro-Ecology Council of the Philippines.

With your support, our online advocacy has grown from 36 members in January of 2009, starting with our account at - - to about 6,000 members, Friendster + Facebook, today.

As we had announced earlier this year, our volunteer staff from the small town of Bulakan, Bulacan, Philippines, had started giving away tarpaulin posters announcing our Poster-Making Contest, with the slogan "Save Earth Save Lives".

Photos of their activities will be continually posted in our "Photo Albums".

We would like to thank, M. Jean-Michel Blanchet of Paris, France, and Mr. Rashid Mahmood, of Islamabad, Pakistan, who had confirmed their strong voluntary commitment in promoting this advocacy into the schools, colleges, and universities of their respective countries.

And of course, the efforts of Mr. Mike Peters of Alberta, Canada, and Sr. Manuel Gonzalez of Toronto, Canada, for their invaluable time and efforts in supporting the crusade during its Canadian infancy.

Mabuhay po kayo !
(Long Live !)

Rene Ycasiano-Quinquito
Save Earth Save Lives Int'l Crusade
The Agro-Ecology Councils

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