sponsor AIDS-orphaned families in Swaziland

The devastation of AIDS is creating a generation of orphans in Swaziland. Though it's one of the smallest of all countries, Swaziland has the world's highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection. According to the 2006 Sentinel Survey, 39.2% of adults have HIV.

Because of that, Swaziland now has nearly 70,000 orphans who struggle every day for the bare necessities of life. The number of these young heroes is growing daily. Already, over 15,000 households in the country are headed by children who are trying to raise their little brothers and sisters by themselves.

Now, you can help them. For as little as US$20 per month, your organization, your class, your family or you alone can sponsor an orphan family through YoungHeroes.org.sz. Your support will help keep these children's families together and bring them the crucial food, clothing and education they need.

Just as important, you'll give them hope by letting them know that someone cares.

1. Children have the right to food

2. Children have the right to clothing

3. Children have the right to education