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Moving forward

Since October 22nd AGMs the planned merger between NCPD - The National Council for People with Disabilities Company Limited by Guarantee (known as the members company, run by autistics) and ICAAN - the Irish Council for Aspies and Autistic Networking - the Autistic Self Advocacy Network is planning ahead for April. But we need representatives from the community in all parts of the island.

We are looking for Aspies (Asperger, Tourettes, NLD, Atypical Autism, Savant, PDD-NOS (collectively referred to as HFA), Auties (Kanner's type Autism, Other ASD/LFA) and Cousins (people with 3 or more common autistic co-morbidities (long list of dx which include AD(H)D, OCD, ODD, GAD, GDD, A/SND or A/SPD, SLD/Dyslexia, etc), combination of which is Diagnosable, but not diagnosed in the spectrum) AND local support, advocacy, social group home or training centre trainees, leader or advocacy group and other groups of 5 or more people in the spectrum run by, for and controlled by a majority of decision-making controlled by People within the spectrum.

Whether you in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland we are looking for as little as 5 to 20 representatives of our own communities, to work together, consult and represent the diversity of interests, abilities and techniques we have.

The United Nations Convention on the (Human) Rights of Persons with Disability REQUIRES All countries and states to consult and have participation and decision-making at ALL levels of Government, state and public funded bodies.

We can help you to plug into local Community Councils, PPNs, to regional and national, European and UN committees, and groups in Europe run forand by People with Disabilities.

I CANNOT do it alone - we need more of our own kind to help support and advocate for ourselves collectively. I can help you help yourselves and others.

Look me up on Facebook or google, I am after all high profile representative for over 25 years in the community,

Yours for the Planet and Social Justice,

Damon Matthew Wise Âû,

National Secretary/CEO NCPD and National Co-Ordinator/Advocate, NI/RoI regions (voluntar/unpaid) (Father of the Aspies Movement) and

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