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Sickening imagery of Autism $peaks

The imagery of Autism $peaks, indeed its name causes us all great offence.

An organisation whose sole stated purpose is one based on genocide - they terms they use what they want is to cure, destroy, eradicate. Message based on fear loathing in an organisation that claims to speak for us but do not allow a single Autistic; organisations of, for and by people with a disability under UN Standard Rules and the Convention on the rights of Persons with Disability have to have a majority of people with Disability running them - they had one token once; found it so offensive he left in disgust.

Blue lights symbolise Depression, sad, sick, negativity.

The Puzzle piece, something unsolved, broken, needing them to cure

Pray on fear and isolation their adverts like this vile I am Autism (offensive level 1 - causes severe anxiety, stress and physical sickness) :-

I went to raise the support of a fellow autism admin who was upset by the content : - Xandra Black. Please stand and support against this vile and destructive xenophobic and hatefull content.

This group claims in its name to represent us "through our eyes" and be our voice. Please tell them this is NOT appropriate through our eyes!

Got kicked for objecting on offensive tree representing Autism $peaks picture - blue lights and puzzle pieces - please post comments here :-
^^ the offensive tree post

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