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Justice for Patrick Dunne Fís Nua Motion of support; ask Sínn Fein their attitudes to criminality and cover-ups


Support of Patrick Dunne Emergency Motion 25/04/2015 18:00

Special Emergency Motion passed today at Fís Nua AGM and Convention :-

In view that of the legal finding of the 13th April 2015, the Criminal Courts of Justice sent Patrick Dunne, a young lad with Autism and intellectual disabilities to be remanded to the Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum to return within 14 days, and appear again on the 24th April 2015, Fís Nua expects him to receive appropriate Autism-friendly support, and vital needed socialisation with his own peers, and expects that this innocent victim of crime, who was wrongly charged of his mothers murder would be transferred to appropriate autism friendly services, now he cannot be persecuted - or indeed prosecuted, as evidence and statements they made him make are contradictory to each other and thus cannot be relied on as evidence. In view of the ascertained fact by 3 different Psychiatrists that he clearly lacks full capacity to instruct his defence, explain the events coherently, understand the legal process nor object to potential jury who may be like Gardaí prejudiced against him solely by virtue of his disabilities. He has a right to access and support from within his own friends and communities and wrongly not be treated is if he has mental/emotional disability or Psychiatric disorder because his expression and social knowledge base is limited. Provision of services and supports are better suited nearer his friends and family, such as in the Limerick Mental Hospital, which better able to get community psychiatrists with direct autism expertise and local autism services run by for and controlled by volunteers within the autistic spectrum, who better understand the complex and varied mix of needs then any institution and or commercially funded charitable bodies, with paid staff and personal agendas.


They have got a point - have they really learned to change or they trying to pretend they have changed their ways; having been threatened and bullied by Sínners in recent years who try and distract and get victims falsely accused in order to cover for Ex-IRA criminal gangs, it is a point we need to ask and question -
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