The MAIA Foundation seeks to improve maternal health, reduce maternal mortality and improve access to reproductive and family planning services for women in Uganda and Rwanda..

The MAIA Foundation seeks to improve the lives and health of women using innovative solutions delivered through meaningful partnerships with community-based organizations in Uganda and Rwanda. Specifically, MAIA works with community-based organizations, health care facilities or local branches of international non-governmental organizations in Uganda and Rwanda that have a track record of success. They are working effectively to improve safe motherhood, women’s reproductive health and health literacy. Partnering with The MAIA Foundation facilitates expansion of successful programs that effectively reduce maternal mortality and improve the lives of women and their children. Barbara and Laureen DeBuono created The MAIA Foundation in 2007 because of their shared interests in the health, well-being, independence and economic freedom of women. Both have had lifelong interests in Africa and global health.

1. http://www.themaiafoundation.org