Raise funds to establish a new non-profit as a flow-through for international organizations that rescue children from brothels, the street, and human traffickers.

Currently seeking funds for federal fees to establish 501c3, tax exempt status, and for administrative costs to run the organization. For more infomation, please contact: [email protected] or www.sextradebook.webs.com

Non-profit rescues children from human trafficking, by sending funds to over 14 organizations internationally that physically rescue teens and children from brothels and streets, giving them shelter.

Available on Amazon in summer 2010 ~ the fictional thriller, "Sex Trade" ~ proceeds will go to international organizations that Rescue Children from Human and Sex Trafficking.

For more information, please visit www.sextradebook.webs.com

1. www.sextradebook.webs.com

2. 13.5 million children are enslaved today.

3. Modern-day slavery is happening in your own backyard.

4. Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Victims are forced into sexual exploitation or forced labor.

5. After drug dealing, human trafficking is tied with arms-dealing as the 2nd largest criminal industy and is the fastest growing.