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We all know about the new accusations - WADE ROBSON! What can we do now? .....we can sit at home by doing nothing, or we can fight once again to inform & spread to truth about what`s wrong on that WR case - we opened a new page on facebook, in fact there is only one other page ---> wade robson supporters.....
we need to raise our voice as one once again to fight for Michael.... as I know I can count on you - please visit our new page on fb, you also can help only to post the link to this page everywhere you can.....
on that new page called "STOP WADE ROBSON" we posted some important "evidence" about the connections robson had & has to AEG, also you can read about the days FEB 1 - 4 in 1990 Robson is talking about AND WHAT MICHAEL REALLY DID on those days......
please visit & help once again
thanX to ya all - much L.O.V.E. - carmen

ink to the new page on fb :

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