WE HAVE TO STOP killing Michael a second time!  www.mjj-jl.eu [email protected]

The media treated Michael in an unfair way,labeled him guilty,ignored,denied and twisted the facts!
This negative image still hasn´t changed,unfortunately!!!

After the death of Michael on June 25, 2009, the media continued with poor reporting... greedy hyenas followed.....

The team of "Michael Joseph Jackson JUSTICE LEAGUE" founded and created this cause to spread the truth.Our aim is to clear Michael Jacksons name once and for all and change the unfair way media coverage is made!

Haunted by greedy hyenas, Michael lost his life.... Since 2009 these greedy hyenas follow their plans to get Michael`s "last penny" and are on it`s way to damage his legacy & Image.

The supporter-  united in this cause -  will show the media & all those greedy hyenas that we will never accept & no longer tolerate to kill Michael a second time!

Also we will not accept & tolerate that the human rights have got a higher value than press/media freedom,or the media telling lies and spreading rumors about Michael!!!

thank you!