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We started a NEW page on facebook called: Michael Joseph Jackson- Behind The Music Backstage....
At "Behind The Music Backstage" we will give information about recording contracts generally, based on what we know about Michael Jackson` Record Deal 1991.

We also will give Information about the discrepancy between Sony & Michael Jackson, the album Invincible, Tommy Motolla, John Branca, the Michael Jackson Estate, the MIJAC catalogue,
"unreleased" master recordings and a lot more.

Finally we will give best researched information about the NEW-SIGNED Deal between the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony, the releasing of the album XSCAPE.

"Behind The Music Backstage" was founded to give the opportunity to get well researched informations, to be able to discuss & communicate with others.

Feel free to follow us, to share our facebook link, to discuss & communicate.

"Behind The Music Backstage" is NOT affiliated with SONY or The MJ Estate!
Content,pictures & links are all © by the owner

Just take a look at the page - we would be proud to get some "likes" - much love to ya all - MJJJL- Carmen


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