My income in December

My income from internet in December 2009 was $671.26. It was collect from 2 places: and


Forests resources are crucial to the World Bank’s mission of eradicating poverty because of their contribution to the livelihoods of the poor, the potential they offer for sustainable economic development, and the essential global environmental services they…Read More

Life in a Forest: The Bigger Picture

If asked to define a forest, most of us will straightaway think of trees. While it is true that trees dominate - they are the biggest organisms present there, there are many of them, and they don't move about - a forest is in fact a community of not just…Read More

Did you know?

Today, there are only three great forests left on Earth: the Amazon Forest of Brazil, and the boreal forests in Russia and Canada. Forests contain between 50-90% of terrestrial (land-living) species. Tropical forests alone are thought to contain between…Read More

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