Banjara or lambadi tribe in Andhra pradesh conxider girl child as a curse. Let us save them lest they be sold, become prostitures and may die at birth. I have srudied a lot and convinced that is true.

Banjara or lambadi is a tribe in India and many other coutries in Asia and Russia. Their origin goes back to 2000 BC. For strange reasons they fhink girl child is curse from God, (high dowry in the tribe is one of the causes), Traditionally they kill girl children if they already have more than two girl children at home. Women are expected to continue to conceive until she gives birth to a girl a baby. Strangly some families have only boys and some families have only girls. It does not mean every one belonging to the tribe do this. There are some with good ethics but can not help much.
Originally they were gypsies but Government has given them land and housing so now they live in villages (thandas).
Nobody including the Government know what is happening. Even if they do it is a complicated political issue.
We have started collecting girls using a strategy. We promise the parents if the wife is pregnant that if they do not kill the newborn baby we will take one of their older ones in to our home. We have 114 of them now and need to do much more than this. We treat them like our own children. We have our own school exclusively for them. We have 3 acres of playing area and some playing fecilities. Lot more is to be done. We depend on the abundance of our Lord Jesus Christ. May many people understand and catch this vision

1. to offer the parents that we will take their older girl baby if they allow the new born to be alive

2. bring them to a residential school and treat them as your own children

3. Make them in to great leaders for the Glory of Lord jesus Christ

4. We already have 114 of them and many more in need

5. I have personally visite banjara tribal villages (thandas) after God gave me this vision and i know it is happening with out anybody"s knowledge