To enhance the lives of survivors through support and knowledge as well as saving lives by raising awareness of bladder cancer.

The American Bladder Cancer Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about bladder cancer and offering support to its survivor community. There are an estimated one half million bladder cancer survivors in the US in need of support and information. This year 70,000 in the US will be told they have bladder cancer and 14,000 will die. More women will die of bladder cancer in the US this year than of cervical cancer and for men it is the 5th most common cancer. Through awareness of bladder cancer we believe that many could be saved by early diagnosis. We need your help to have the resources to reach our goals in awareness, advocacy and support.

1. www.bladdercancersupport.org

2. That through awareness of bladder cancer lives can be saved by early diagnosis.

3. By providing an information portal and support website for the bladder cancer community, that lives are saved and quality of life enhanced for many.