raise money and awareness for people who have, know, or are effected by anyone with the disease and research to help find a cure

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research today announced that it has awarded $1 million in supplemental funding to five investigators to push forward promising results of work funded under the Foundation's Community Fast Track 2005 program.

"Community Fast Track allows the Foundation to quickly and effectively vet 'out-of-the-box' strategies for improving the treatment or diagnosis of Parkinson's disease," said Sarah Orsay, the Foundation's CEO. "The program was designed to serve some of MJFF's most deeply held values: the exploration of promising but untested approaches to Parkinson's disease, our emphasis on accountability, and our commitment to keeping promising science moving forward quickly."

Help raise awareness about Parkinsons. My grandfather who is 90 has had parkinsons for 13 years. It is tough to watch when he would seem like he was 65 if he didnt have it. Those of you who know someone or are effected by it know how difficult it is. Please join our cause

1. We must find a cure

2. We must gain knowledge and learn how to control it

3. We must come together and help those who need it