50,000 members!!!

Hi all, There are two things I'd like to say: First of all, we just reached 50,000 members! This is truly amazing, and I would have never though there would be so many of us when I started this 6 months ago! Just so you'd know, we had 36,000 last week,…Read More

Change of cause

Hi all, After seeing that that group is finally gone from Facebook, I've modified the cause - let's all find different groups and causes that call Israel a terrorist country, and generally support hate and anti-semitism, and report them to Facebook. Also,…Read More

Please report this group!

New cause for us all

Hi everybody, Sorry for not being so active in this cause after it reached its goal. Now, I have another request from you all. As you all must already now, a horrific terrorist act took 8 young innocent lives in Jerusalem thsi last Thursday. It has just…Read More


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