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A terrible start to 2011.

Thank you all for joining Blue Light for Fallen Police Officers. This case started just after the Lakewood WA. shooting in 2009 and has now grown to over 55,000 members! The last few weeks, and especially the last several days, have been terrible for law enforcement. The media has even made comments of "war on the police". Now is the time to spread the word to everyone you know that America's heroes at home will fight back against attack and that now is not the time to cut police forces, but to increase and support them. Not only show your support for current officers, but we must NEVER forget those we have lost.

Please remember not only fallen officers, but those still serving their communities by putting a blue light in a window or outside your home. As I patrol my community at night, the view of these blue lights is comforting to know there are people who care for and support law enforcement. My blue light is on 24/7 to always remind me of "the cause".

From Wisconsin, thank you to all those who have joined the cause and those who have given all in the most noble of careers.

Please be safe! Buckle up, wear your vest, and always trust your instincts and training.

Lt. Daniel Furseth
DeForest Police Department (WI)


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