Daniel’s aides gave me dirty slap… my mouth began to bleed’

Thirteen days after he was bundled out of his business class seat aboard a Lagos-bound IRS flight from Abuja by security details of Ogun State Governor Gbenga Daniel, passenger Greg Otsu recounts his ordeal. KELVIN OSA-OKUNBOR met him. THERE were still…Read More

Ogun 2011: Clash of godfathers imminent

The Nation Newspapers of today page 9 The way things stand in Ogun State politics, a clash of godfathers is imminent in deciding the next governor of the Gateway State as Otunba Gbenga Daniel bows out after eight years in the saddle, report OLUKOREDE YISHAU…Read More


My good friends, I write to you this strong message. Many messages have come before but this is a MESSAGE OF HOPE. Hope for us, hopes for generations to come and indeed hope for our dear State and the country at large. My quest to contest for governorship…Read More

The Nigerian Constitutional Stale mate

The current Political stalemate in the country is perceived by many as one of the issue of brought about by the past military governments in Nigeria , in which they have intentional amended our constitution in such a way that the masses have little or no…Read More
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