Encouraging men to donate time, money, and energy to domestic violence programs, rape crisis centers, local and national groups that work to end men's violence against women.

Patricia Eng from the Ms. Foundation for Women issued a challenge to men at a national conference. Ms. Eng suggested that men "show, not tell," by contributing money to women's anti-violence groups during this current funding crisis.

Her words inspired Ben Atherton-Zeman, to create this Facebook Cause group. Since then, other women and men have taken leadership and responsibility for the group's creation and direction. None of the group's leaders receive any payment.

Our hope is that 10,000 men will join, donate or volunteer for a group of their choosing, and tell us about it on the group's Wall. Tell us what group you picked, how much you donated, what you’re volunteering to do – anything you like. Post a video of you volunteering, or just telling us about what you’re doing (inappropriate or off-topic posts or videos will be deleted).

Each month, we will choose a group to feature as our fundraising beneficiary on this site - currently it's the Ms. Foundation for Women. We will ask group members to make an additional financial donation to that group if they are able to do so. We will send out a monthly bulletin describing the group, and updating everyone to the group's activities.

Women and men are welcome to join 10,000 Men! We believe women's voices are essential when men raise our voices against men's violence - men must be accountable to women when doing so.

Note: We support male victims of violence. We support other social justice causes. But this group will focus specifically on men supporting women's anti-violence groups - postings on the wall advocating other issues, no matter how important, will likely be removed.

Thank you for joining 10,000 Men!

1. Although men are sometimes victims of sexual assault and abuse, and although these forms of violence plague Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans communities,

2. Most sexual violence and partner abuse is perpetrated by men toward women. Yet, too often, we men remain silent about our own gender's violence.

3. Funding for women's anti-violence programs is in crisis. It's time for 10,000 men to stand up and donate to these groups.