International health and poverty relief foundation

"Christ For the Poor" is a non-profit organization that came into being because of the need to help thousands of those who are destitute.
A small pilot program began providing supplemental vitamins to children with HIV/AIDS.
Shortly after, it became obvious that other services were required.
Several projects were created, culminatiing in the Vocational Institute of the Americas, in Nicaragua.
Our focus is to increase awareness of the need to education through active teaching. We want to help the deprived ones to build a better future. We want to bring hope and dremas into their lifes. And we will do this by educating them through vocational programs.
The example that we have chosen to follow is that of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

1. www.christforthepoor.org

2. To provide vocational-technical training to at risk youths as a method of empowerment

3. To help at risk populations devastated by poverty and hunger.

4. To provide supplemental vitamins and milk to children with HIV in Managua, Nicaragua