Encouraging Article in Sojourners

There is a very hopeful, encouraging article in the current issue of Sojourners: A New Movement to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, by Jim Wallis. It begins: "The famed Chautauqua Institution devoted this entire week to the theme of nuclear disarmament. It is a sign…Read More

Senator Nunn, guest on the Colbert Nation; Urge senators to ratify START

Here is a great 6-minute clip of Sen. Nunn on the Colbert Report. Please watch it and share with others: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/312102/june-09-2010/sam-nunn. Then order the DVD, "Nuclear Tipping Point," free at…Read More

Bookmarks for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

The people's movement has thousands of bookmarks and we want to share them with you. Our logo is on the front and the back includes our mission and website, and encourages everyone to sign on. Email us and we'll send you a stack:…Read More

Two most eventful weeks!

Please take a look at this inspiring summary article, Those Were the Weeks That Were: Nuclear Spring, by Council for a Livable World executive director John Isaacs on the “Nukes of Hazard” blog to understand the momentous events of the past few weeks,…Read More
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