4 years later....

Xenas Law was enacted and today all the personnel at TSB & TSD are indeed CPR certified.... It wont bring Xena back, but it will assuredly save another childs life one day.... Xena lived to serve others & to love.... Today we remember…Read More

Sharing thoughts tonight....Still pressing onward.....

Some nights can be so excruciatingly painful... Trying to TURN OFF the "replay" of that horrific day & our tragic loss of Xena... Sometimes waves of anger billow in when I least expect it, and I feel the flood of emotions that can so easily…Read More

Xena's 21st Birthday

Good morning, Today we remember Xena who would have turned 21 today.... Come & Join us at White House Memorial Gardens at 3pm to THANK GOD for the time we enjoyed with her, and remember the ways she touched our lives. And be sure that those you entrust…Read More

Everything is moving along slowly but with purposeful determination~

Mark & I are thinking of you all today and just wanted to send a warm thankful hello for all your letters and updates~ I feel honored that we were able to get a BILL passed so quickly and I KNOW that is because of all the letters Senator Black…Read More

State of TN Bill # 2789 Passed for Xena~!~

Hello everyone,, It is with GREAT JOY that I can report that Senator Diane Black has successfullt introduced Xenas Bill #2789 to the General Assembly of the State of TN~ SENATE BILL 2789 By Diane Black AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 49 and…Read More

An important week ahead~

Mark & I humbly request your prayers this week. The investigators will be wrapping up the complaint against the nurses and their findings will PROVE critical for true CHANGE to be effected at the school~ If they indeed have found what we have, then the…Read More

Please send an email to the center investigating Xena's death~

    Lisa Peterson Gutierrez Cause Creator Mark & I are Requesting emails to be sent to this NEW email address.... This center (disability law & advocacy) was asked by Senator Diane Black to investigate Xenas death.... Please let them kNOW thattheir…Read More
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