This is for those who continue to suffer due to the horrible disaster of 1984 and delivery of adequate justice to them.

Today marks 25 years since what has been called the "biggest industrial disaster in history" also known as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. About 23,000 innocent victims perished and about 5.7 lakh people suffered bodily injury due to the dangerous toxic Methyl Iso Cyanate. Those who survived this disaster still suffer from multiple organ failures to this day. Yes, there is the so called compensation of Rs.600 crore towards an economic rehabilitation of the victims (5.7 lakh) which makes it about Rs. 12,000 per victim. Is it just me or is this amount a load of bullshit? The government apparently set up hospitals for the afflicted which have adopted a “one size fits for all” policy towards the treatment of the people. The doctor’s have no medical background of the people going there and the survivors are developing a multi-drug resistant form of Tuberculosis. In contrast to this case, victims of the Uphaar Cinema tragedy received compensations of about 15-16 lakhs each while the injured received 1 lakh each.
Other than that there are still huge amounts of traces of chemical waste residue lying around the premises of the now closed down plant. Several committees have inspected it and found 44,000 kgs of tarry residues and 25,000 kgs of alpha naphthol lying in the open since 1984. Various studies have established that the soil, ground water, vegetables and even breast milk have traces of toxic chemicals. People, still use this contaminated ground water to drink everyday.
Disgruntled by the meager sums received by the company, the surviving victims approached the Welfare Commissioner, the High Court and finally the Supreme Court, all of who rejected their appeals
Are these people not entitled to receiving more to support themselves? Many of them are unable to work or support themselves due to their consequential ailments and disorders due to this horrific tragedy. This is an appeal to all of you not just for these people but a cry to prevent massive commercial organizations from inflicting pain on many and getting away with it. This is an appeal to all of you to help in begging our Government and so called judicial system not to make decisions and help people to whore away the publicity and forget about them once all of it has supposedly blown over. IT DOESN’T BLOW OVER. Do not help them to prevent getting your name blotched. Help them because it is your duty to help them, that is why you’re called a fucking welfare state: for the people. What has become of that? Has it gotten raped and thrown into the dumpster just to be replaced by a superficial form of help with no actual want to do it? DO NOT GIVE THEM SOMETHING FOR THE FUCK OF IT AND TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD IN THE EYES OF THE PUBLIC. STOP SLEEPING WITH THE UNION CARBIDE. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED JUSTICE THE JUSTICE THEY DESERVE. PUNISH THOSE WHO ARE LIABLE. PUNISH THE UNION CARBIDE. NO MORE BHOPALS !
Please join me in this plea:
We, as citizens of this country, pledge to hold in our memory, the lives of those lost in Bhopal on December 3,1984 and pray that someday, by giving those who deserve punishment, the souls of these people may rest in peace. We pray, not just for those who have suffered but also for those continue to suffer till this day after 25 years. Our duty is not just that of citizens of India but that of fellow human beings, which is to do everything in our power and capability to help bring justice to those afflicted by this tragedy.
Thank You.

1. Justice for people of Bhopal

2. Convictment of Union Carbide