To support development of Indonesian film.

This statement is a stance of a movement which is started by individuals in Indonesian film scene. This is not an intermittent and temporary movement, nor is it merely a reaction against the recent Indonesian Film Festival, but this is an organized movement for progress in Indonesian film.

The film society that supports this statement has convened in Jakarta on December 24 and 29, 2006. Both meetings resulted in formation of a working group which have drafted and delivers Indonesian Film Society joint statement.

We believe that film is a cultural practice, as well as intellectual and economic activity contributing to this nation’s intelligence and welfare. A good strategy of film development will greatly affect the growth of Indonesian film.

As a sign of our concerns towards the progress of Indonesian film, we made repeated attempts to contribute ideas to creating strategies for Indonesian film development, without receiving meaningful response from the government nor any significant changes in policies.

Indonesian Film Society consists of individual film makers that express personal interest and are by no means representatives of any groups, companies or communities. This statement is made with awareness about film maker’s individual will to contribute and support the progress in Indonesian film. We, the film society, are producers, directors, scriptwriters, film critics, musicians, directors of photography, animators, artistic directors, editors, publicists, observers and researchers on Indonesian film, film community activists, non-governmental festival organizers, curators and film programmers and other individuals that closely relate to film productions.

At announcement time, there are more than 200 individuals who signed our statement. We will continue to gather support for this statement and extend it to individuals in various cities in Indonesia.

We invite individuals who have concerns about the development of Indonesian film to support this movement. All support for this movement should be individual involvement and not acted on behalf of any organization or communities.

1. 1. For the sake of Indonesian film, annual 2006 Indonesian Film Festival best film award and other related awards to this film and demand an accountability report on jury decisions from festival organizers to be publicly announced.

2. 2. Temporarily suspend the Indonesian Film Festival.

3. 3. To dismiss present film-related institutions and organizations, to create a new democratic and transparent system of film institutions that corresponds to contemporary developments in Indonesian film and including participation of Indonesian film scene

4. 4. To urge the Indonesian parliament to overrule Law No. 8/1992 on Film and replace it with a new law that supports progress in Indonesian film.

5. 5. To create a strategic policy design to further develop Indonesian film culture and industry, by actively engaging participation of Indonesian film scene.

6. 6. To make fundamental changes in rules and organizations of film censorship by replacing Film Censorship Institution with a Film Classification Institution.