Educate everybody who leaves their house about Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Illnesses.

Lyme Disease sucks. It infects: your brain, your heart, your nerves, your skin, your joints, and your muscles. It causes indescribable pain. It causes disabling fatigue. It causes brain damage.

The treatment is even worse than the disease, and it can take years of antibiotics to get better. If treatment includes IV therapy, it can cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. Finding a doctor that treats Lyme Disease correctly is extremely hard. Many doctors are not smart enough to give antibiotics longer than two weeks.

Lyme Disease is preventable-don't let ticks suck your blood. Lyme disease has a defining rash that can look like rings around the planet saturn, or what most people call- a bullseye rash. But, a rash does not always present itself, and it could be somewhere you can't see- like, your scalp, or your back.

There are other diseases ticks carry that can be equally serious, like, bartonella and babesiosis. Don't let ticks suck your blood.

Lyme Disease is found in all states except Hawaii. So, unless you live in Hawaii, you should be scared of ticks.

Lyme Disease is only going to get more prevalent as the earth warms and ticks have a more hospitable environment.

So far, there is no accurate testing for Lyme Disease, there is no "cure" for Lyme Disease, and there are less than a dozen doctors in the United States that are Lyme Disease experts. By donating to the Lyme Disease Association you could be helping your future.

1. Lyme Disease sucks.

2. Lyme Disease can happen to you.

3. Ticks should scare you.

4. Lyme Disease is preventable.

5. Doctors don't know everything, but they think they do.